Just sharing my experience, hoping you find inspiration in it.
It was raining hard yesterday afternoon. On my way to SM Masinag to meet my friend, I took an fx from Santolan LRT Station. After paying my fare and a few minutes travel, I arrived SM. I braved through the torrential rain until I got to the SM entrance. I realized that my bag’s zipper was open. I just brushed it off.. Maybe I forgot to zip it.
When I was about to pay a purchase, I rummaged through my bag and lo and behold, I lost my wallet. Everything is in there, my cc, ids and other stuff. I realized that someone pickpocketed me.
I met my friend and told her of my ‘bad luck’. And just like any unfortunate ‘victim’, I called the banks to report my lost cards and have them blocked.
I also realised that there’s¬†P5,000 in the wallet.. Oh well.. I have to accept that too.
Come morning, I reflected on the mishap I experienced. I accepted everything and just planned my day on going to the bank to reconstitute my lost cards.
(Literally) A few minutes later, I heard my phone ring. An unknown number and he said he found my wallet! He is at the Project 4 police station and he is willing to give it back.
I hurriedly went out of the house and proceed to the police station. (Though, I did not hope for the cash to be returned)…
What is important for me were my ids.Because I was in a hurry, I forgot to charge my phone.
After a few minutes, I was almost at the police station so I tried calling the person who introduced himself as “Ray”. Mang Ray answered but my phone died! I tried my power bank but it was also drained! So, I resorted to charging it thru my laptop. Unfortunately, the phone kept on dying. ūüė¶
Desperate for a place to charge, I found a cellphone repair shop and asked if I can charge. I said, Im willing to pay.
The tindera lent me her adaptor and I hurriedly plugged my phone to the socket. And yes…the phone kept on dying. frown emoticon I thought my phone’s battery was already broken. One of the kuyas on the stall beside the tindera, offered his charger. And luckily, it worked!
I was able to call Mang Ray and off I went to meet him. But before leaving the tindera, I asked on how much I need to pay for using her charger. She declined of being paid. I was so thankful!
Then, I proceeded to go to Mang Ray who I realized was a police at the Project 4 Police Station. I presented my Id and got my wallet. I didn’t expect that everything is still intact, even the cash!
I am so grateful to Mang Ray and offered to reward him cash. He didn’t accept my cash despite my insistence.
So grateful for today!
Strangers can be angels too. ūüôā
Be one too! ūüôā


I love you… thank you…

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Me: I love you…

You: Thank you….

This was one of my dreams of you, nights after you broke up with me.

Maybe this dream was also one of my vivid memories of you. One of those times when you ¬†said “thank you” ¬†when I expressed my love for you. I thought you were just doing this¬†to irk me… But¬†now that we are apart, these occasions may be your early way of saying good bye to me.

I really don’t understand your reasons why you broke up with me that night. I may even won’t understand it in the future.

But one thing I am sure is that my love for you during the three years and six days (and more) never changed since the time, you asked me to be your boyfriend. I told you that, I will call you “Mahal” because I decided to love you from that beautiful day. I remember your smile and your tearing eyes when I said, “yes.” And I promised myself that I will love this person with all my heart until the end.

I really thought, you were happy. I was happy. We were happy.

And then after that dinner, you said, “makikipaghiwalay na ako.

I didn’t expect it. There were no signs.

As a lawyer, I demanded for a rational explanation. Maybe there isn’t any rational explanation.¬†You just told me that you did not love me anymore.

But when you said those three words, I realized that the man in front of me wasn’t the same man whom I saw three years back.

Everything changed. Everything ended.

I let you delete your name from my contact list, un-friend yourself in my Facebook and other social apps because it crushes my heart to do that¬†myself. But you know…¬†learning to un-love you would be more difficult.

I might still dream of you every night and wake up crying.

But I’ll just keep on living…learn again to do things my own. Deal with the pain until my tear ducts run dry.

I’ll cherish our “happy” memories together because you made me feel real love.

I never experienced that kind of love from anyone. And I am truly grateful for that.

I love you, mahal… and thank you…


If you come to read this, I hope and pray that you find someone that will take care of you and love you as I have loved you.

I know how you were hurt in your past relationship, and I don’t want you to experience that pain again. You deserve to be loved.



Keep on dreaming till…

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I recall when you said that you would never leave me
You told me more, so much more like when the time you whispered in my ear
There was heaven in my heart
I remember when you said that you’d be here forever

Then you left without even saying that you’re leaving
I was hurt and it really won’t be easy to forget yesterday
And I pray that you would stay
But then you’re gone and, oh, so far away

I was afraid this time would come
I wasn’t prepared to face this kind of hurtin’ from within
I have learned to live my life beside you

Maybe I’ll just dream of you tonight
And if into my dream you’ll come and touch me once again
I’ll just keep on dreaming till my heartaches end



And then you left without even saying that you’re leaving
I was hurt and it really won’t be easy to forget yesterday
And I pray that you would stay
But then you’re gone and, oh, so far away

I was afraid this time would come
I wasn’t prepared to face this kind of hurtin’ from within
I have learned to live my life beside you

Maybe I’ll just dream of you tonight
And if into my dream you’ll come and touch me once again
I’ll just keep on dreaming till my heartaches end…


Keep on dreaming till my headaches end…





*song by: Ella Mae Saison

Mutant and proud.

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Just like an ordinary kid, I have been a fan of Marvel Comics and its lore.

In fact, I would save my measly allowance so I can purchase trading cards and comic books.

I also read DC, but Marvel has a more interesting and twisted plot, which somehow some of us can relate.

One big difference from the two is that DC calls the main characters, superheroes (ie. Superman, Wonderwoman, Flash, Green Lantern, etc.) While in Marvel, they call the characters mutants.

If you are familiar with the Marvel lore, these mutants are usually referred to as freaks and outcasts of society. Mutants have these abnormalities in their genes which gives them their abilities/powers.  Because of these abnormalities, people usually ostracize the mutants. Most of the time, they are subject of prejudice, disgust and hate.

On the other hand, the DC Universe sees the superheroes in a positive way.  They are those who are revered, idolized, and seen as the savior of human kind.

After watching X-men: First Class, I realized that this film was a metaphor of the world-in-between.

Just like mutants, we represent the outcasts of society, those usually mocked at, those usually subject of prejudice and hate.

And because of this “scarlet letter”, some are forced to hide.

Last weekend, was pride day.

Although, I am not really that out (to my family, work and some of my friends), I acknowledge those people who live their lives out of the closet. They are the ones, who are proud of who and what they are.

I may not find that kind of bravery that they have, but I share the same sentiment as theirs.

This post is for us.

“Mutant and proud.”

Yesterday, I was with a group of friends. We had coffee and a chat about everything and anything under the sun.
 We took turns asking each other questions. Some were trivial, some were fearless, and some were like those asked during the Q & A portion of a beauty pageant.
A friend asked this question:
“If you were given the chance to go back in the past, what one thing would you change?” (paraphrased)
I answered something regarding my relationship with my father (which I will write about in a different post). Some were about living their interests, courses that should have taken in college, mistakes in the past, etc.
But what struck me, (which all of us unanimously agreed) was going back in the past, resetting our lives to change our preference.
I don’t know if all of us, agree on this point. But for me and that small group in the coffee shop unanimously agreed.
Being like this is difficult.
Society see us as deviants and not normal.
Family see us as disappointments.
Church see us as sinners.
I admit, it would have been easier if I was normal.
No pretenses. No hiding. No acting. No lying.
This led me to think: if the Catholic Church sees us as sinners, then are we forever damned to end up in hell or in purgatory?
Is Heaven exclusive for the straights only?
And the only way to get our ticket to heaven is to pretend, hide, act and lie?
Some say loving another man is a sin.
Liberals say on the other hand, tells us that it is not a sin unless you act on it (doing the deed with another man).
Is it possible to love another without the intimacy? Isn’t intimacy an expression of ones love for the other?
There are so many complications in this kind of life.
Would you suppress your real self and die inside? Or come out and be stoned with ridicules by the society?
For me, I really don’t know the answer.
I guess,it would be easier if I were normal.
Court…get engaged…marry…have children and grand children.
But I cannot change who I am. I cannot go back to the past, reset things.  So I guess, I must accept of what I am.
This is how I was born.
We are born to love. May it be man or woman. It is not a sin to love another human being. The 10 commandments does not prohibit it. In fact, Jesus told us “to love.”
The Greek even regarded loving another man, a “higher kind of love.”
As Gaga puts it,
“A different lover, is not a sin.”

“God makes no mistakes.”¬†
We are made perfect in His own image and likeness.
No matter what gender, color, race, religion and preference….
we all have our rightful place in Heaven.

It will be almost a year, since the time I turned thrice a decade.

These past few days, I have been recalling on what I did when I turned 30.   And all my memories went back to that little island in Marinduque, Bellarocca.

Its translation,”beautiful rock”, does little justice. Because I can say that it is more than the word, “beautiful.”

It would be normal for people when they turn three decades, to do some big celebration, a party/ies, get drunk and get laid.

But I am not really that kind of guy. I am more introvert. Low key. And doesn’t want that flair and glare.

At the time when the date approached, I was thinking of vanishing without a trace. Away from my family and friends. Away from the noise, away from the libres (?), away from everything. ¬†I wanted to be alone and do some introspection, self-analysis or simply called, “soul searching.”

I planned for an out-of-the-country adventure, set at Bali, Indonesia..my first trip abroad alone.¬†BUT, all didn’t go as it was planned. My passport was not yet delivered, yet. So, I had to think of an alternative. ¬† And this was, Bellarocca, Marinduque.

After some emailing, banking and multi-tasking, I finally booked a suite at Bellarocca.

Browsing at the pictures, thrilled and excited me.

Finally, the day arrived. My birthday. April 21, 2010.

I was booked at Zest Air, checked in my bag, got my ticket and waited for the boarding time.

I was excited and nervous at the same time. It was my first time traveling alone, in an unfamiliar place.

The plane took off and after a few minutes, we arrived at Marinduque.  The loud thud of the landing gear at the gravel, was the time I realized that I am finally alone.

At the airport, the tourguide was already waiting for us, to welcome 2 couples, a photographer and a director, and ME.

I was the odd man out. I was alone. But I didn’t care. Hahaha.

After a 4o minute bumpy drive, ramble of the awkward-english-speaking tour guide on the facts about Marinduque, the 3 islands and other useless facts, we finally arrived at the port leading to the island of Bellarocca.


Unlike those exaggeratedly advertised resorts, this place was the real deal.

We rode a speedboat. (another first for me ) and we were jetting to the port of the White Island.

Just like those movies, we were welcomed by the staff and employees of the resort by an ensamble of songs while draping us with a flower garlands. I was really pleasantly surprised.

Then we were sweeped to the main hotel by a golf-cart, maybe we were 8 guests that arrived at the island.

After going through, the formalities of filling up the check-in cards, the owner (maybe seeing me as the only person alone in the group of tourists). ¬†He introduced himself and immediately asked me, “why am I alone?” Well, outrightly I answered him, that I wanted to celebrate my birthday alone and do some soul searching. ¬†I was surprised, on how he replied…”then we must let you feel more special, then.” I replied only by a modest smile (being me, introvert type).

He introduced me to the manager of the hotel, and I asked that me to be brought to my room.

My room was magical. All I wanted was there. The big and comfortable mattress, the pillows swallowed me whole, the bath tub was divine, and all for myself. ¬†I whispered to my self, “Happy Birthday…”

I was alone. I was 30. I was blessed.

The days I spent on the island was like a dream.

On the evening of my birthday, they even surprised me with a cake.  And every time that I dined, I was treated like royalty.

The infinity pool. The world-class gym. The bedroom. The silence.


I never wanted it to end.

But as they say, ‘all good things never lasts’.

(Who invented this phrase should be crucified).

I had to leave my 3 day retreat and go back to reality.

I have to go back to the noise of the city and the stresses of work and people around me.

Maybe,¬† this is where you insert the saying, “no man is an island.”

Even though we see ourselves, traveling alone in life… we fail to acknowledge that there are people…or I must say, ‘angels’ who mold us of who we are.¬† Our families, friends, the people we meet everyday and even the strangers.

We sometimes fail to acknowledge those people that molded who we are today.  Especially those who intentionally or unintentionally hurt us.

Although, some people see aging and celebrating another year in life is mostly frowned upon.  However, in my travel to Bellarocca, I realized that reaching this age is more of a blessing than a curse.  Aside from the fact that some people are not fortunate to reach this age, it is a celebration of how I became of what I am.  A celebration of the people who made me of who I am. A celebration of a whole.

(Advanced) Happy Birthday to Me! ^_^

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